Many Hands Make Light Work

Collaboration Breweries: Blank Slate, Christian Moerlein, Listermann, Municipal, Narrow Path
Brewed at: Blank Slate
Description: Dry-hopped Pilsner
This is the only packaged beer. Available in 12oz. 6-packs and draft.

Get Wit It

Collaboration Breweries: Bad Tom Smith, Cellar Dweller, Nine Giant, Old Firehouse, Wooden Cask
Brewed at: Wooden Cask (KY) and Cellar Dweller (OH)
Description: Belgian Wit


Collaboration Breweries: 50 West, Mash Cult, Paradise, Rhinegeist, Woodburn
Brewed at: Rhinegeist
Description: Kellerbier – This hazy yet crisp and light lager refreshes with light crackery malt and honey notes from the addition of spelt.

Muddle Lover

Collaboration Breweries: Darkness, MadTree, Rock Bottom, Taft’s, Tap & Screw
Brewed at: MadTree
Description: Mojito Wheat Ale – Ginger Mojito inspired Wheat Beer


Collaboration Breweries: Braxton, Fibonacci, Hofbrauhaus, Queen City, Rivertown
Brewed at: Braxton
Description: Gose w/ Hibiscus


Collaboration Breweries: Dogberry, Mt Carmel, Streetside, Urban Artifact
Brewed at: Mt Carmel
Description: Tart Radler – Sour Ale with lemon and lime added